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Who Should Use Hormonal Acne Treatment? Part 1

Hormonal acne treatments (including oral contraceptives) are exclusively used by women, and are widely regarded by dermatologists and physicians alike as highly effective. Why just women? Hormonal acne development is linked to the male sex hormone (androgen), which is found in both men and women. However, it is when the level of this hormone (in women) begins to rise, that acne becomes more prevalent. The way androgens contribute to acne development is by stimulating the sebaceous glands of the skin causing them to become enlarged and consequently produce more oil than is typical. Acne that occurs in women between the ages of 20s-early 30s is often attributed to hormonal imbalance, and is thought to be the basis for higher prevalence rates of adult acne amongst women compared with men. Additionally, during this time period many women become pregnant–a period of extreme hormonal disturbance. In an attempt to regulate the male-androgen-hormone in women, hormonal acne treatment methods are designed to inhibit or counteract the effect of androgens by the use of female hormones.

Oral Contraceptives
If you’ve exhausted both topical and oral methods of treatment without stellar results, the use of a hormonal acne treatment may be the next logical step. To confirm such suspicions however, you should consult your physician or dermatologist who can help you choose a suitable hormone treatment for your circumstance. Many women who are experiencing mild acne often find that the use of an oral contraceptive alone is enough to reduce or clear their skin. However, those who suffer from moderate or severe acne may require a combination of oral contraceptives and topical skin treatment. It is important to choose a topical product that can be taken in conjunction with your oral contraceptive.

When used as a hormonal acne treatment, the goal of oral contraceptives is to block the effect androgens have on your sebaceous glands. The female sex hormone found in birth control improves your acne by blocking androgens and therefore reducing the amount of oil your sebaceous glands produce. Additionally, androgen secretion from the ovaries is also mitigated.

Oral contraceptives found to be most beneficial as a hormone acne treatment are those containing both estrogen and a progestin. If you’re considering the use of an oral contraceptive be sure to consult your physician or dermatologist to find the pill that’s right for you.

Not wild about oral contraceptives? Unfortunately they have been found to be significantly more effective in reducing acne over other alternatives such as the patch, contraceptive rings, or injection method. Contraceptives taken in a form other than oral often result in unpredictable effects on your acne, and can in some cases stimulate its growth. However, other therapeutic methods such as anti-androgens or physical treatments (light, lasers) are available.

Side Effects

While oral contraceptives as a method of hormonal acne treatment are found to be highly effective-if you’ve never been on an oral contraceptive before it’s important to be aware of their side effects.

Minor weight gain:
Often due to a heightened appetite, weight gain may result.

Mild headaches are commonly reported, but if they become severe discuss this with your physician.

Mood Swings:
Inherent with any adjustment to your hormone levels, mood swings and/or lowered libido may result.

Spotting and breakthrough bleeding:
Irregular vaginal bleeding may occur as a result of oral contraceptives.

Breast tenderness:
Inflamed and tender breasts and/or non-cancerous lumps in the breast may result.

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